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E-Marketing Solutions

MDR Gives You the Tools and Resources You Need to Build Successful Email Programs

  Maximize your ROI
  Increase marketing efficiency and effectiveness
  Reach educators via their channel of choice

Exclusive E-Marketing Services

New! Hot Leads Triggers
Boost Your Email Campaign ROI...At No Additional Cost!
Leverage the value of your campaign Hot Leads with FREE trigger emails to those contacts. Automatically send follow-up messages to your campaign responders. More about MDR’s Hot Leads Triggers ›››
Free Email Hot Leads
Follow up on your hottest leads—people who are responding to your email campaign while it is going on! You get key contact and demographic information for those who are opening your messages and clicking on links. Deliver qualified leads to your sales force for immediate follow-up. Learn more about MDR’s Hot Leads ›››
Campaign Follow-Up Triggers
Increase Sales Leads With Automated Follow-Up Emails!
Create email programs to automatically send follow-up messages to responders—people who have opened or clicked in your initial email message—and up to three additional emails to non-responders. These automated follow-up messages are designed to yield greater overall campaign response and sell-through while offering significant cost savings. More about MDR’s Campaign Follow-Up Triggers ›››
Email Test and Roll
Maximize Results Before You Launch Your Email Campaigns!
Our exclusive email message and creative testing lets you deploy different versions of your message to subsets of your list, determine which message has the best results, and then deploy the winning creative to the balance of your list—all within a single campaign. Find out more about MDR’s advanced test cell functionality ›››
Campaign Analyzer
Email marketing offers the unique capability to track a recipient’s behavior and tie that to detailed profile information. With Campaign Analyzer you can view campaign results across key individual, building-level and geographic-level demographics. This is the key to identifying and capturing your best prospects and opportunities. This new reporting feature is standard for all MDR E-Marketing campaigns. Learn more about MDR’s Campaign Analyzer ›››
Email Campaign Manager (ECM)
Take advantage of our exclusive Email Campaign Manager (ECM) tool, and get the most sophisticated asset management, deployment, and reporting tool available in the education industry.

98% of teachers and administrators check their email at least once a day.

76% of district administrators and...
61% of teachers have purchased an educational product or service as a result of an email solicitation.

Source: Email Trends in the Education Market 2010 report.

Email Trends 2011 Report
5 Best Practices for Prospecting Email to the Education Market
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Campaign Analyzer
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E-Marketing Solutions Product Sheet
Hot Leads Product Sheet
Five Ways to Turn Campaign Responders Into Loyal Customers
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Email Subscription Plans

MDR Makes E-Marketing Easy...

Lead Generation With E@quire
Expand prospecting success quickly and cost-effectively. Use any combination of educator selects, including school type, grade level, job title, enrollment size, and federal funding awards, for precise segmentation.

Customer Retention With E@ppend
Reach more of your existing customers with the email append solution for your house file. Send timely messages to generate repeat business, build brand loyalty, and build more profitable relationships. Your in-house file is updated with email addresses, and your message is deployed on your behalf.

Maximize Touches With DM-Optimizer
Maximize school market campaign results by leveraging the power of a multi-channel approach. Increase the impact of your purchased direct mail list with an easily coordinated pre- or post-mail email deployment at a special discounted price.

Act Quickly With Email Hot Leads
Follow up with educators who open and click your email messages. Grow momentum for moving sales with a call, fax, or direct mail while the campaign is under way. Give it a try! Five free Hot Leads with every eligible campaign.

E-marketing gives you timely, measurable, actionable, and cost-effective ways to:

  • Target your best customers and prospects with messages and offers based on their specific product interests
  • Test new acquisition or lead-generation strategies, creating relationships with your customers online
  • Conduct market research and get timely insight for product development
  • Generate actionable results at a very low cost
  • Drive qualified traffic to your website
  • Complete your own customer file and build stronger, more profitable customer relationships